meri (broken_gizmo) wrote,

Oddly productive morning.

(Well, for my values of 'morning'.)

After the conference call I:
  • Tried to schedule the car for maintenance, but left a message instead.
  • Scheduled a grooming session for packet.
  • Called the vet and asked them to print out a copy of packet's rabies certification so that I could take packet to get groomed.
  • Called a couple of magazines and said, "Hey! I paid you! Stop saying I didn't!"
  • Called Motient and said, "My pager isn't working! Fix!"
  • Wrote a letter to the leasing office asking for a new lease (our current lease expires at the end of this month).

Still on the plate for today (other than like, actual work stuff) are:
  • Picking up the copy of packet's rabies report.
  • Getting an emission inspection for the car.
  • Weed out the old / don't fit / don't want clothes from my closet and drawers (well, what passes for drawers for me).

Yay, doing stuff.
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