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Ok, so I didn't quite manage to do the whole "sketch out the current connections" thing, because when I got to the back of the entertainment center, I realized I couldn't follow any one cable from one end to the other. So, I just yanked everything out and hoped for the best. (Note: This method never works for me.)

After I got all the cables out, I pulled out all of the components (two DVD players (one broken), Audiotron, TiVo, cable box, receiver, CD player, PSX2, N64) from the entertainment center and gave everything a good dusting. (I swear we live in the dustiest apartment on the planet.) Then I started to try to rearrange things.

Here's where I met my second snag. Nothing would go where I wanted it to. None of the nifty new arrangements I had envisioned would work, mostly thanks to the little feets on the bottoms of the components. Grmph. So, after about half an hour of trying, "Well, how about this? How about that? What if I do this? What if..." I finally gave up and put things back mostly exactly where they were when I started. (Which also means that my mad dash out to get speaker wire was completely unnecessary.)

Then, the real fun begins! I am proud to say that I got almost all of the components hooked back up correctly on my first try. The first bobble was me using the wrong outputs on the TV to the receiver, but I fixed that all on my own. The second and third bobbles were beyond my (increasingly tenuous) ability and patience, so I called in the reserves. When packet failed to step up to the bat, dvorak came to my rescue. The PSX2 (the second bobble) was frumple because I'd tried to get all the dust out of the fans, and thus got the dust on the CD (Final Fantasy X). Once that was cleaned, all was well. The third bobble (Audiotron doing everything but actually producing sound) was caused by my using the tape/MD out jacks on the receiver instead of the tape/MD in jacks. Other than that, I got it all right.


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