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Say cheese!

I ventured out to my local Fresh Fields this evening to get fixings for tomorrow night's dinner. (I was hoping to make this herbed turkey breast thing, but they didn't have turkey breasts, so that required a change in plans.) While there, I got sucked into the cheese section. Really. It was a gravitational pull against which I was powerless.

Upon emerging from the gravity well, I had come out with five cheeses:

  • A wedge of Champignon Knoblauch (brie with garlic)
  • A wedge of herb-encrusted brie
  • A wedge of Saga Blue (picked up based upon solipsistnation's recommendation)
  • A wedge of Wensleydale with cranberries
  • and a block of Valley Forge Sharp Cheddar.

I am looking forward to a very cheesy series of days. :)
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Thanks! I am incredibly annoyed that one of the best pictures taken of me of late is from my web cam of all things, with a max resolution of 320x240. Hrmph. :)