meri (broken_gizmo) wrote,

Yes, yes, I'm still here.

Of course, unless you know about the fact that this site even exists, you're not going to know that the site is here. Most of you are probably still looking at my journal on covert-ops and mocking my broken 2002 graphic. But see, I have no interest in doing more work on covert-ops. burly-mango is the future, and I'm working to get parts of it up and live and ready to go.

This process almost suffered from infant death the other day when I realized that I'd reinstalled my laptop ... and had no idea what font I was using on burly-mango. Not a clue as to the name. So, I went through all three of my font CDs. (Yes, I have that many fonts.) No luck. I must have burned the CDs after I downloaded the font. Well, hell. I was in despair. Gloom and doom and stress. (Yes, we're going to ignore the fact that I'm a complete moron and didn't make backups of the fonts or even just write the name down somewhere.)

So, with much weariness, I grab a canteen and a compass, and I head off to the web, searching for my beloved font. I first strayed over into the wilds of usenet and posted a "HELP!" message in comp.fonts, of course. But then, I dove headfirst into the web. I seemed to vaguely recall that my font had the word "diner" in the name. Armed with this information, I googled, and lo. It was on the very first site I hit.

I used many font karma points, ladies and gentlemen.

The font is now stored in about 8 different places on 7 different machines. Want to archive it for me, too? =)

But yes. Work proceeds apace on burly-mango, and Kimo should even be making an appearance soon. (Yay, Jer! Yay, Sherri!) In fact, I think I'll go work on stuffs some more even now.

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