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What was I thinking?

I said that tomorrow is going to be empty? Egads, I don't know what I was on. I have so many things to do tomorrow, around the house, and for work, and for personal geekery. Soup to make, laundry to do, reports to write, web pages to port, reviews to write, flowers to cut, reading to do, dishes to wash, movies to watch, lists to make. Yeesh.

It does make me sad that I won't have seen anyone else this weekend, though. coyote's off doing her own thing, Nazgul has been in throes of cleaning and being a recluse (everybody needs recluse time), Nyarla and I never managed to hook up today, and... well, those are really the only people I see around here.

Ah well. I will certainly get the whole social thing out of my system next week, up in Massachusetts, though there are some unplanned moments as of yet. Well, a day. Most of a day, at least. I will then want to come home and hide in the apartment for a while. Maybe I can go to Ny's on Tuesday and have her do my nails, if she's up to it. Wednesday would be better, from a nails survival aspect, but I want to get to bed really early on Wednesday, as my flight leaves at a stupid time on Thursday.

So yeah. Tomorrow will be busy, it seems.
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