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Plans within plans.

Ok, let's see.

I talked to Nyarla, and she expressed interest in a Chinatown venture, but she was out and about, and had things to finish before plans could be made. Okie dokie, that works out well, since that would give me time to make that breakfast thingie, which I am doing now.

I didn't get started on the soup, and it's largely too late to do so at this point, since it takes something like 8 hours to cook. I think that I will make it tomorrow, and if I have time to stop at the store on the way back from DC, I will get fixings to make goop tonight. This will also force me to clean out the pot from the jambalaya last night before it gets too scary. (Sometimes I need a little shove.)

I also need new jeans, since 2 of my 3 pairs of blue jeans have holes in unfortunate places. I was getting all geared up to go to Lane Bryant and make use of my "Get $25 off any purchase of $75 or more" coupon that expires on Monday, when I realized that if I can hold out until the 6th (and that really shouldn't be a problem), I can get them for free, thanks to the last huge shopping spree I went on for clothes. Free > !free.

But now, I go poke at breakfast cooking some more.

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