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Pardon me, have you seen our summer?

It is 64 degrees, 59 with heat index / wind chill, 57 in the shade. It is supposed to rain. Hrm. Tomorrow looks like it's gonna be really nice, though. Of course, everybody on the planet will be out and about tomorrow, which means that I probably shouldn't be, to keep the ol' blood pressure down. But maybe it will be suitable for some balcony sitting, at least.

I'm currently tossing around ideas for today. I really do need to venture into Chinatown, but the aforementioned rain is making that idea not so attractive. On the other hand, I don't want to venture into DC on Labor Day itself. Hrm.

I also meant to cook soup today. And breakfast. Damnit. Too many things to do in one day, when tomorrow is going to be empty. *sigh*
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