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Need a change of scenery.

Have I mentioned lately that I hate being a project manager? I really do. I hate having a job where I have all this accountability for projects but have no authority to make anyone else accountable for their portions of the projects. I hate having a job where I am responsible for implementing, and coercing coworkers to implement, seemingly random decisions made by upper management types who are either un- or under-informed about the things they are trying to change and who show no interest in seeing the whole picture. I hate having to make lists of things that I have to walk people through every day. I hate having to send out 15 reminder emails for every task that has to be done, only to end up doing things myself or having to individually go and speak to every person in the group to tell them that yes, all those emails did pertain to you. I hate.

I really just wanted to be a technical writer. I wanted to take information and make it available in a variety of formats and make the confusing things about our jobs clear. I wanted to develop tools that would help people get their jobs done, and codify workflow processes. I did not want to be a cat herder or a den mother.

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