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I should really be dyeing my hair now.

I need to redye my hair, even though I redyed it just shortly before my last trip to MA (only two weeks ago!) for the wedding. But, that time, I was silly, and I followed the directions, and only left the dye in for 20 minutes. See, I have Asian Hair (tm), which has a +5 resistance to dye, so it needs extra time to let the dye pummel it. Since I left the dye on for such a pitifully short time (less than half the normally time I use, 45 minutes), the dye started wearing out quickly. So, it needs to be redone.

And I want to redye before going back up next weekend, so I can be suitably red. And I want to do it soon, so maybe I can get some of the more egregious leaking done before I go up (though kazmat does have a lovely collection of dark towels!). And since I have way way too much to do tomorrow (I get to verify our Sun Service Contract; by tomorrow; yay), I can't dye my hair during the day tomorrow. And my hair will need to be washed before tomorrow night, which means that if I don't dye my hair tonight, I won't be able to dye it until Saturday (that makes sense, I swear).

The point here being, I should really be dyeing my hair now.
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Erm. Oops! Yeah. See, my last trip up had just about every minute planned out before I stepped off the plane. :)

You know, I just realized something. We've never actually met, have we? Egads.

I spoke with kazmat (arr) and obra, and we're pondering a lunchy gathering on Sunday (the 8th) before I have to head to the airport to go home. Perhaps you would be interested in joining us? :)