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Baby supplies!

Ok, everyone start breathing. I am not in a baby way.

Rather, my friend Tracy had given me two of these thinking that I might be able to use them to corral packet. (Someone had given them to her, not realizing that her son was far smarter than they thought, and mocked the gates.) packet was impressed by the gates... for about 3 minutes. Then she discovered she could jump over them. Ah well.

Anyway, I have two of these, and they're unused. (Well, the one got used for the aforementioned 3 minutes. The other one is still new in the box.) I offered them to kmhoofnagle, since she is the first person I could think of in the area with a sprog, but she is all set in the realm of baby gate things.

So. If anyone in the area wants them, they're yours. If anyone in Massachusetts wants them, we might be able to work something out, as one of the gweeps is regularly doing the MA <-> DC area drive. Just, please, let me know, as they're taking up space, and I want them gone. Gone, I say!

Aww man... I'd say I'd take them for the dog, but knowing him he'd eat through it. Now if they were the wooden ones, those I would take in a heartbeat. Weird the things a dog will eat when he's bored.
Damn, I wish I were local, I'd take 'em off your hands. :)
They are in the trunk of a car that will be heading its way to Fitchburg, MA, in the next couple of days. I believe that the car's owner, and thus, probably the car, will be at the planned Gweep event this Friday, if you know anyone who will be there, and can arrange transferring of the goods. :)
How about stacking them on top of each other so she has further to leap?
Three problems with this plan:

1) She can jump really really high. I learned this in a rather frightening way. Take my word for it.

2) They don't really stack all that well.

3) It would be bloody inconvenient to have to move them every time I wanted to get into/out of the room(s) I'm trying to quarantine her in.

I'm seriously considering installing screen doors. :)