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I very nearly just answered my phone with, "RCN. This is Mary."

"Wrong TLA! Wrong TLA!"

*sigh* Is it time to go home yet?
I wanna get outta here, too :P I'm sooooo fricking BORED!
At least I have monday off. Woo! one extra day to sleep in!
I get neural shorts to old workplaces all the time. Sometimes I'll pick up the phone and go as far back as my first job, "Lea - ... Katahdin Times."

Most often, for some peculiar reason, I end up naming my second employer, Xylogics. More than once, someone calling the Times has been baffled to hear, "Xylogics tech support, this's Ben."
Have any of those confused people requested assistance with their equipment, or does that still stand as a one-time occurrence? ;)
I get confused as to which store I am working at, and will answer the phone identifying the wrong store. I then confuse the caller even more by correcting myself.
Yes. Yes it is time to go home. It was time to go home about 3 hours ago.

"Leading Edge Technical support, where are my pants?"
Heh, this is one of the few things I'm pretty sure I'll never accidentally do, as it would be "Fire and Security Office, Nuclear Power School, Orlando, Petty Officer Truitt speaking, this is an unsecured line. How may I help you Sir or Maam?" And yes, if you dropped any of that crap they'd give ya hell, nearly doubled the time it took for a phonecall. Maybe I'll just start screwing with people. "Quarterdeck, PLN HQ, this line is secured level Blue. May I have your R6 code?" Just make shit up, see how they respond. It's that kinda day today :)
When I worked at Kinkos, the spiel was:

"Thank you for calling Kinko's on Bishop Street, your new way to office. This is Mary speaking. May I help you?"

But yeah, I remember the whole "unsecured line" bit from when I used to try to call my dad. :)
Of course it's not unusual for me to call my apartment building or a doctors office and start with "this is marcia from qs tech support.. no, wait, hi. this is marcia..."
I worked at Mickey D's for a long time in high school. I would answer the phone at home with, "Estes Park McDonalds this is Erika how can I help you?" Not useful. Especially when I stopped halfway through...
Yep, visiting my parents once years ago I answered the phone with "Provider Relations, how may I direct your call?" The caller didn't notice.

A high school friend used to answer her home line with "Firehouse Five -- you light 'em we fight 'em," which I keep meaning to adopt. Though not for work.