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Heh. I'm not that bad... yet.

A bit of background.

I was, upon arriving at work here in December, assigned an office. I have not, however, ever actually used my office. I've been camping in fuzzichi and Mark's office since I started. At first, this was because Mark was training me. Then, it just became easier to stay put until they figured out where my final office is going to be.

They have figured this out, and I am moving on Thursday.

The office mover guy came and saw me just now, and said, "I was told to deliver eight boxes to you to pack your stuff for your move on Thursday."


Now, those of you who were familiar with my last office might think this was justified, but I have brought in like maybe a half-dozen things since starting here, mostly since I didn't want to bring anything in until I knew where I was finally going to be sitting.

For some reason, this is striking me as very very amusing.

Um. Yeah.
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