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I guess I should have seen that coming.

I get to work, and all my boundless energy of this morning... found its bounds.


I don't wanna go out into the cold to go to my staff meeting at a sports bar for lunch. There are so many issues I have with this plan. Shall I enumerate them for you? I shall!
  1. It's cold outside. I know that a goodly number of you are in Massachusetts and Maine and other frozen tundra sort of places, but damnit, it's really cold for Virginia here.
  2. If we leave, we won't get reasonable parking when we come back, which means we'll have to walk from never-never-land to get back to our cars. Did I mention it's cold?
  3. It's a sports bar.
  4. We're having our meeting at lunch time, which means it will be mobbed.
  5. Did I mention it's a sports bar?


Wanna go home. Wanna clean. Wanna work on crafty things. Don't wanna go to silly meeting at silly sports bar. I'm perfectly capable of feeding myself for lunch without having the company pick up the tab, so I can go to a meeting in a sports bar / restaurant, where I won't be able to hear anyone anyway.

Hell, I'd rather stay at work and, say, actually work, instead of killing the extra time in transit and waiting for tables, etc.

Grumpy meri! Still not king!
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