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Morning update, again.

I shall add to the list of things I've done this morning:
  • Went through the last bunch of flowers that Vger gave me and pulled some of the ones that weren't doing so well. I retrimmed the stems on the rest, trimming some of them very short. The ones that were trimmed to a regular length were arranged back into the vase in the living room. The ones with the short stems were arranged in a small bowl which is now on my nightstand.
  • Changed packet's litter, fed her, watered her. Vacuumed her bathroom.
  • Did the dishes.
  • Finally found my diner-style sugar dispenser and filled it.
  • Cleaned up the counters near the sink in the kitchen.

I think I'm not going to get around to cleaning the living room or dining room until after I get home from work, but damn, I've gotten a lot done this morning.

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