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[recipe] The veggie soup from last weekend.

gweepprefect had asked in my original post about the soup as to a recipe. I posted it too late to be of any use to him, but I figured I'd include it here, in case anyone else wanted to see it.

Crock-Pot Veggie SHrm. I am not so good at the recipe thing, but here's what I recall...

6 large potatoes, skinned and cut into chunks. (I usually use baby redskin potatoes and quarter them, but they didn't look great in the store.)

1 Really Big Vidalia onion.

About a cup of dry pearled barley.

About a pound (pre-trimmed) of green beans.

One small bag of baby carrots, cut into halves or thirds, depending on their size.

One "tub" of mushrooms. (You know, the tubs they sell mushrooms in?) Destemmed, with caps quartered.

2 largish zuccini, unpeeled, quartered, then sliced down.

About 8 cloves of garlic, minced.

Start with the potatoes on the bottom (if you're cooking this in a crock pot) so that they will get more of the heat, since they are the hardest, etc. Then the barley. Then the carrots, then the celery, then the green beans. I then put on a layer of seasonings. I honestly have no clue what measurements they are. I kind of just make a heavyish layer at this point. Then, the rest of the vegetables, and the garlic, and then another layer of seasonings, though slightly lighter than the previous layer. Then, I doused the whole thing in cans of vegetable broth until the broth was at the top of the crock pot. (I think it took 7 standard-sized cans. It's very hard to find veggie broth in larger cans. If you can go to Whole FoodsBread and Circus, they have a terrific veggie broth in a cardboard container, and I'd say it's about two of those. They also have a mushroom broth, and to make things a little heartier, I might recommend one box of veggie broth and one box of mushroom broth.) Oh yeah. Also, salt and pepper to taste. And, I put about half a cup of shoyu in, to help give it a little more depth.

This will, of course, work with any kind of vegetables, and I was thinking of throwing in a small amount of wild rice next time. The trick with cooking with a crock pot is to make sure that the hardest / longest-to-cook items are at the bottom, so they get more direct heat.

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