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Yup. Definitely turning into a morning person.
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Want to trade? I had to drag myself out of bed at 6:30 this morning and I'll have to do it all term.
Morning people are unnatural. ;)

Unfortunately, I may be one too, just not too early of a morning person... maybe around 9 ish.
As Jade would say, "Good Morning, sunshine!" :)

You're still the same wonderful meri, to us :)

*Kat went to bed at 4:45 (:/) but managed to wake up bright-eyed and eager at 8:45, so she's still on a morning-person streak!*
Ah, the balance is preserved. I'm turning back into a night person. Stayed up 'til 4am Tuesday night drinking port, writing C code, and playing with audio editor. Woo!
Aha! So this is your fault!

*opens a big dusty book*
*flips to the right page*
*scribbles "COLIN" in big letters*
*thumps the book closed*
I.... have no earthly idea. I didn't set out for this to happen. It just... happened. I think part of it is that Vger has to get up really early when he spends Wednesday nights (movie night) at my place, since he has to be in Baltimore in the mornings on Thursdays, but... honestly, I have no idea.

I am finding that I like the getting up early thing, though. Since I am usually too tired when I get home from work to do anything productive, I can use my early-morning hours to get things done, and then not feel bad when I get home from work and laze about.