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argh! Argh! ARGH!

The last three hours' of stitching? Were done ... three stitches off.

And I'm faced with either pulling 3 hours' of stitching, or scrapping about 5 hours' of stitching and starting over.

I'm seriously tempted to do the latter, as then I won't have to deal with stretched fabrice from pulling all the stitches.

And did I mention... ARGH!?
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The right call, in my book. Almost whatever it is, I go, "Hrmm, can I compensate from here and move forward, or not?" If yes, that's what I do. If no... *toss,* unless the materials are desirable and salvageable (like if it's yarn and I could unravel it and use it afresh), or the amount that would need to be pulled and re-done is a mere trivial fraction of the "what went right" time.

All sympathies, though. There's little more frustrating!