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argh! Argh! ARGH!

The last three hours' of stitching? Were done ... three stitches off.

And I'm faced with either pulling 3 hours' of stitching, or scrapping about 5 hours' of stitching and starting over.

I'm seriously tempted to do the latter, as then I won't have to deal with stretched fabrice from pulling all the stitches.

And did I mention... ARGH!?
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If there is no way to make it blend into the pattern, scrap it.
I'm a big supporter of minor alterations to the pattern in order to bend it to my will. But sometimes there's no way to hide the error.

You have my sympathies.
The right call, in my book. Almost whatever it is, I go, "Hrmm, can I compensate from here and move forward, or not?" If yes, that's what I do. If no... *toss,* unless the materials are desirable and salvageable (like if it's yarn and I could unravel it and use it afresh), or the amount that would need to be pulled and re-done is a mere trivial fraction of the "what went right" time.

All sympathies, though. There's little more frustrating!