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So, zonereyrie...

Just how much of a pain in the ass was it to change your name?

(sitz, completely frustrated with my continued use of the name "Mary", has offered to pay for the fees associated with the name change if I would just go ahead and legally become "meri".)
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Depends on the state, actually. So whatever Zoner went through might not apply to you...

...I'm running so fucking late this morning I can't look it up, though. Nolo Press's website might have more info.
Contact your local county clerk, they handle it.

For me it was a piece of cake. $60 filing fees to the court. One court visit to have the paper work signed. $20 a copy for the official document with the foil seal (I got 2). And then the hard part - contacting everyone I had accounts with, etc, under my old name and getting them to change it.
Is there some sort of grace period / overlap where you can use both names, so you don't end up in a freaky limbo of having checks and whatnot being issued to your old name, but not actually having that name any more?
Legally - no. You're legal identity changes on the day it is made official. But my banks didn't give a shit. Hell, I'd been depositing checks made out to MegaZone before the change. I'd just sign them MegaZone, then counter sign them with my legal name. Like I'd signed the check over to myself. And it wasn't like I'd ever contest it. :-)
You'd have the advantage that "Mary" and "Meri" are close enough that you could plausibly claim that one is a misspelling of the other...
I did it.
It all starts with a change at the social security administration. Their answer to this FAQ is here. It took me a while to get my name switched on every account, but the legal part is not a big deal. SSA, DMV, bills one by one.

Actually the first step is the county clerk. The SSA won't change your name on your card without a supporting court document that a legal change of name has been performed, like they say. I actually did my SS change LAST out of all my changes since I don't need my SSA stuff as much as my credit cards, license, etc. And no one gave a damn what my SSA card said. Heck, the RMV guy never asked for *any* documentation, he just changed my license to what I told him to use.

Heck, I changed my passport 2 months ago and I changed my name April 12, 2000. I just never got around to updating my passport. So I guess that was the last thing I changed. ;-) Actually my pilots license hasn't been updated either, but I haven't used it in 10 years...
Wups. I forgot about that part since I had a different excuse. I got married. All I needed was a marriage certificate. And I used my maiden name on that.
Oh, and the local SSA office
is on Edsall Rd in the hell hole between Alexandria and Springfield.
Yeah, it was a bit of paperwork and some running around, but not too bad. A few late bloomers would crop up over the next few months but it was never a big deal for me anyway.
but, but...
“soundtrack to meri”?

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