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I shall give a shiny Bahamian quarter to the first person who can give me pointers to actual, good, useful irssi documentation.

You must come collect your quarter, however.
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In particular, unless they have updated this, there is no single list of all configuration options and their meanings anywhere. I know most people want fluffy introductory babble, but I don't; what I really want is to know about the multiple-window support (in a single window-manager window), and that is not adequately explained.

Exactly what he said. I just want a list of "these are the commands, these are their parameters, and this is what they do." As near as I can tell, that list does not exist.

Meri: I advise what I eventually did, which is to exclaim "Bugger this, I'll stick with ircii".

I *think* I have things mostly working the way I want them to... assuming I never restart my IRC client. Since I run my client under screen, this doesn't happen all that often. I'm still delving into it.

(This is, oh, my fifth or sixth attempt to making irssi work for me, and it's the closest I've gotten. We shall see how it goes.)
I'm pretty sure this can be done, even in ircii. I know I did multiple servers in a single invocation of the client in ircii, and I know people who do it in irssi. You can (in either client) make any window attached to a server. For ircii, it's just /window server [foo] and then go from there.

Or is this not what you mean?
Ah. Nope. Sorry. Missed the finer details, there.

I think that all the IRC clients set a minimum requirement of a window per server.