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*sigh* Only me.

I burned my leg with my laptop this morning. To the point where it blistered and peeled off skin almost immediately, and the area hurts to be exposed to air.

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I've never liked having laptops actually in my lap, ever since Leading Edge when one of the laptops set someone's couch on fire.

Become a Luddite and shun all technology, or something.

Man, I've never managed to burn myself on any of my laptops. Hey, maybe you can sue and solve all of your money problems! ;D
I think you need to consult a spiritual adviser to deal with the fact you're not accident-prone but FREAK-accident prone. Maybe an exorcism or something.

That being said, ow. ow ow. It makes my Manly Parts hurt to read that.
Youch! I started using a lapdesk to shield me from my laptop when I noticed discolored bits on one of my pants. But that sounds horrendously painful!!!

But... um... that's why the industry stopped calling them "laptops" years ago.

Anyway, if you haven't done so already, carefully remove any ruptured blisters (leaving ruptured blisters in place provides a breeding ground for bacteria) and treat with an antibiotic ointment like Neosporin or Bacitracin to prevent infection, and cover loosely to keep the burned area clean.
Ouch! Sorry sorry! :(

My Dell used to get wicked hot to the point where I'd worry it would fry itself. I bought a CoolPad and it helped tremendously to keep it cooler underneath. I believe it's in my closet somewhere, but you're welcome to it.
Here I thought you were going to say SINGED OFF PATELLA. And may I be the 32767th to say OW GODDAMMIT.

You're not supposed to do that. Oh, and Mimi sends <3 and healing kisses.