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A note for when I am in charge of the universe.

When I am in charge of the universe, all comic book trade paperbacks will be required to list which individual issues of which said trade paperback is comprised.

That is all.
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TPB contents
Info on which issues are in the collection can, in almost all cases, be found in tiny print somewhere on the publication info or related pages at the start of the book. The key phrase is typically, "Originally published in magazine form as..."
Re: TPB contents
Yeah, but a lot of them don't, and those are the ones that have earned my wrath! Rawr! Notably, Akira, Bone, Gon, Lone Wolf & Cub, and Preacher. I think. I don't wanna get back up again. But, but, I swear I had a valid point! I did get a bunch of info from said pages, but am still missing a bunch.

*whine* :)