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Seeking: size 24 women who aren't afraid of used clothes.

So, in a fit of "can't sleep, can't think, aaaaagh!" last night, I started going through my closets.

I have a lot of skirts, including some really cute punky/gothy skirts from Torrid.

They are all size 24.

None of them fit.

Anyone need an influx of skirts and jeans? :)
I don't think I'm quite a 24, but if they're nice skirts and I just need to take them in a size or so, I'd probably take some off your hands. :)
Me, actually. Once I get done with this pregnancy thing anyway...:)
If you don't have enough takers yet and you don't mind shipping them across the entire country, I'd take Torrid stuff, definitely. I don't think they make much I don't like...
Skirts and loose jeans, yeah -- Torrid sizing seem to run a bit small from their website, so that'd probably be just about right.
I say you give them to the girls who think size 12 is huge. Tell them you think it should just fit them.

Congrats on dropping the weight, though! You should be applauded! No matter what size you are!