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I am full of hate.

Conversation heard outside at the office.

<Tiny Blonde Girl 1> Oh my god. Have you seen [foo]? She's put on so much weight!
<Tiny Blonde Girl 2> I know! She must be at least a size 12 now!
<Tiny Blonde Girl 1> Wouldn't you just die?
<Tiny Blonde Girl 2> If I ever got that fat, I'd just have to kill myself.
<Tiny Blonde Girl 1> Or at least never go outside, so other people wouldn't have to see me.

Did I mention, full of hate?
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Or, don't forget to remind them when in fact they are suddenly no longer perky twiglets, and yet are forced to leave the house.

Also, say things like "Oh my god, are you feeling okay? it must have been so hard for you to come to work as bloated as you look today," on days that you know they think they look hot.