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I am full of hate.

Conversation heard outside at the office.

<Tiny Blonde Girl 1> Oh my god. Have you seen [foo]? She's put on so much weight!
<Tiny Blonde Girl 2> I know! She must be at least a size 12 now!
<Tiny Blonde Girl 1> Wouldn't you just die?
<Tiny Blonde Girl 2> If I ever got that fat, I'd just have to kill myself.
<Tiny Blonde Girl 1> Or at least never go outside, so other people wouldn't have to see me.

Did I mention, full of hate?
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They have to be tiny to stay that shallow - no room for any depth.
Fat people can be shallow too.

However I would support a movement to cuff them in the back of the head and tell them to grow up.
Grrr.. Assholes! I hate people that like. It pisses me off to no end and I have yet to think of a good way to really and truly make them feel bad for what they are saying and not just feel embarrassed.


just remember you can't kill people at work unless you have a good team of assassins to assist you.

Maybe, if you feed her enough candy and Cosmopolitans, then she'll get "that fat" and then she'll go and fucking kill herself! Oh MY god that makes me SOOO mad!!!
Grah. I've had to overhear such conversations many times, and it fills me with rage just as much every damn time.

The best revenge I've been able to find is living well. The assholes are generally unaware of it, but at least I can be quietly smug. :)
Y'know, I have no interest in people like that. You, on the other hand, are eminently huggable and wonderful, and you're doing something about your weight, so thbbbbbbbt to them.

Stupid teeniboppers.
That's where I'd have to go and inject: Kill yourself now, save us all the trouble.

But then, I'm not known for keeping my mouth shut in situations like that.
I wonder how easy it'd be to screw up their thyroids telekinetically.
What an awful thing for them to be saying, and an awful way to talk about someone.

Some people have a lot of their self image tied up in having a specific physical form (I know I do) but that's no excuse for being nasty about others.
If you listen to dogs barking, you'll go deaf without leaarning much.
Little tiny people with little tiny brains and hearts to match.

One can only wish for them to experience the sudden onset of slow metabolisms and age!
See, for them, it would be a tragedy, because they have no fucking personalities - their entire identity is traditional beauty. Since the only thing they are good for, really, is decoration, if they lose their 'decoration' ability, they're useless. But! Folks like you (and Lothie!) ACTUALLY HAVE PERSONALITIES - and hell, you're cute to boot!

But then I tend to think most people with 'traditional beauty' look anorexic. EAT A GOD DAMN SANDWICH.
...and yet, when their metabolism slows, what will they have to endear themselves to anyone? Ignore them.
Or, don't forget to remind them when in fact they are suddenly no longer perky twiglets, and yet are forced to leave the house.

Also, say things like "Oh my god, are you feeling okay? it must have been so hard for you to come to work as bloated as you look today," on days that you know they think they look hot.
oh. my. fucking. god.

I guess this means that me and my size 12/14 body should never go outside and be seen in public again, eh?


* lizzie SMASH!
You know, I'm not reallyangry with these girls; I pity them. If they think that life is all about the size clothing you wear, then they're missing out on most of it. Maybe they'll grow out ot it and maybe they won't. It's sad that society has warped people this way.
DISCLAIMER: I am not a nice person.

Go up to the perpetrator and say, as though you hadn't heard anything, "You know, I can give you name of a great dermatologist... you look to be about 25 but your skin looks like it's 50... if you don't do something about it soon you're going to look like Alexa, Witch-Queen of the Sharpei People."

Or just take out your cell phone, pretend to be talking on it, and say kinda loudly, "Oh my God... you can't believe these people in front of me on line... she's complaining about people being a size 12 but she looks like Hair by Medusa and she's dressed in this horrible knockoff Enzo Angiolini... can you believe it? I mean, hel-LO, no credibility gap there at all!"

Or even go up to her and say, "Y'know, I feel sorry for your boyfriend... having sex with you must be like fucking a burlap sack full of chicken bones."