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Swiped from any number of journals, though, I'm blatantly plagiarizing lothie (hi, lady!) because I'm operating on a grand total of about 90 minutes of sleep, and she writes better than I do anyway. (And lothie, if you'd rather I get off my lazy brain and write my own entry, I will certainly understand.)

Quoth the lothie:
The American Family Association has decided to try and "prove a point" by having a poll on their website for folks to take about their opinion on gay marriage. They intend to present the results of this poll to the United States Congress in an attempt to instate a federal law against Gay Marriage.

I ask you all to please visit and let your opinion be heard. It takes about 45 seconds, and it is SUCH an important topic. Whether you are gay or straight, conservative or liberal, your opinion matters, and you NEED to vote here.

She said more (and better) here.
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The summarized results they show after you submit the poll are so freaking depressing.
Well, the AFA is a known hotbed of Extremely Conservative Types, led by a man who is out to prove "scientifically" that homosexuals cause harm to society. So, yeah, the default results of any poll on their site are not going to be all that encouraging. The idea is to get as much dissenting opinion as possible involved, if we can. (Or, really, just as much opinion as possible, from as diverse a group as possible, and not the self-selecting group of people who would normally be at the AFA site.)

But, I suspect I am preaching to the choir, here. :)
They're 10% better than they were this time yesterday. It's been wonderful to watch.
fancy that
... and now apparently the website is down.
Maybe the data wasn't turning out like they hoped.
Actually, I didn't write any of it -- I copied/pasted it from someone else's entry, which was in turn lifted from someone else's. *grin*