gweepprefect has a whole bunch of extra condoms if you need them :)
(ok, so you're probably wondering why. Well it's because they're Trogans which have too stong of a latex smell are aren't the most senstive, and after trying Beyond Seven condoms, it's hard to go back to them.)
Uh, no.

No, I wasn't wondering why.

And if what I'm about to do with this car battery works, I won't remember that I ever learned why anyway.
I figured it would be mean on Steve's part to be like "Steve's got a whole bunch of condoms he won't be using" implying something that is incorrect. And give me a break, you clicked on the link to read the responses to an entry about condoms! You didn't expect the responses to be innocent and clean, did you? And oh no! People have sex! It's not like I gave details or anything. I'm innocent anyway, just ask broken_gizmo. :)