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Small friends list cleanup.

Removed some folks from the friends list. Can I just assume you all understand the standard disclaimers? That it's nothing personal, and that it's almost entirely a time thing, and that I will certainly understand if you unfriend me in turn, etc.

Just having to devote more time to non-goofing-off-on-the-computer things, which means that trying to pare down my friends list is important.

And now, I go sleep.
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I have no idea if you pulled me or not, so this isn't a flame and it wouldn't be even if I knew.

The problem with defriending is that then folks who you might want to show some privater stuff to can't see it any more.

Is there a reason to not just pull them (us?) from your default view so you're not reading them but they can still read all of you?

(I ask everyone this...:)