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Less meri update.

So, last night, I took my measurements for the first time since I ordered the Dress of Doom for last year's Gweep xmas party. Since last November, I have:
  • Lost 7" off of my waist.
  • Lost 8" off of my hips.
  • Lost 2" off of my chest.

I am now at 225, which puts me down 65 pounds since September 2002.

fuzzichi and I went dress shopping for the AOL holiday party today, and it turns out that I am no longer a size 20. Nope. I'm now a size 18. At this time last year, I was wearing a size 24.

My target weight is 140, and my target clothing size is 14 (though, really, I wouldn't mind being a 12). I know that I still have a long way to go, and I know that many of you may be going, "Yeesh, can you really be happy at finding out you're a size 18?" But, the answer is... yes. :)
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Are you kidding? None of us is thinking that! I think it's terrific that you're losing weight at this rational pace. :)

Good for you!
meri, what an accomplishment! *hugs you!*

I've always thought you look great! You're very attractive/pretty!

I'm just glad you're happy :) Whatever makes you happy, makes me happy :)
Congratulations! And may you continue to succeed! Go target weight go!
FWIW, I weigh about 160ish and I am a size 14. I was a size 12 at 150ish. So if your goal is 140, size 12 should work, at least for pants. I can't do much about your SN00BS OF DOOM.

Yay, congrats!!
That's awesome. I know that I was thrilled to go down 2 whole sizes from pre-pregnancy to post-pregnancy. 18 would be awesome! Glad to see that slow and steady is doing it for you!

That's so spectacular! *hug* I'm very, very impressed.

Oh, you might find you hit your target size sooner than target weight :>.
Awesome! Size 18 is nothing to sneeze at. I wish I were back to that size myself. :)
[aol] Me too! [/aol]

Just another in the list of saying congratulations and way to go!

I keep meaning to eat sensibly and try to lose weight. It's just too fun to eat junk food.
size 14 for me was 165, so if you're going to go all the way to 140 you should pretty easily be a 12, if not a 10.

I'm aiming for 155 or a size 12, whichever comes first. Or at least I will be when I go back on plan. Right now I'm just working on not gaining any more.