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And why is it nobody ever gives me gift certificates to sex toy shops, huh?


This is a travesty!

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Because we had no idea that such a thing would be welcome.

Now we know.
Umm... because we don't know what sex-toy shops there are around your area? (I mean your geographical area, not... y'know... your area.)
True, but local seems like it'd be more fun. Online shops don't really give you the full... uh... browsing experience.
Oh, and secondarily: because of the PH34R of seeing images of panda-shaped sex-toys... :-)
...we'd rather take you along to "try things on"? ;)

Okay, I just skeeved myself out...
Because we're trying to save you from repeats of the 'coworker opened the package' thing? :)

Actually, if you come up here in the summer, there are some wonderful ones in Provincetown, as I'm sure you know :) Internet shopping is great for a lot of things, but the hands-on aspect is good too, for... *disappears!*
I could just see you and Nyarla invading Night Dreams over in Tyson's.....

If you ever do, let me know. I want to be on hand, just for the entertainment value.

And not THAT kind of entertainment, for all you pervs out there. :-D
I feel your pain, for you are not the only one to be so unjustly ignored in this way...