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Ok, well, here I go to my first first-day-at-work in nearly 7 years.

(Yes, I am working at AOL. No, I'm not working at the job I interviewed for on my last day at RCN. Yes, I like the sound of this job more. No, I'm not working at the main AOL campus. Yes, I'm working at AOL/Reston.)

Assuming I don't die of heart failure before I get there.
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*confidently watches you swim off to work...* (!)

I have faith that you'll be home tonight :) *gently hugs you and wishes you well!*
*smile* Have fun. I think the time off was very good for you, and the fact that you're going to a *much* nicer place helps as well.

Hey there's no need to worry about the first day at somewhere the size of AOL - it's bound to be entirely occupied by induction processes and filling in lot's of silly paperwork for HR, being issued with your official supply of post-it notes etc....

Anyway all the best for the new gig.
It was rather nice to know I wasn't the only one doing the first-day-of-work thing today. Hope yous went as well as mine.