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Things what don't suck.

My boss-to-be called me today to ask me if I wanted a Sun or PC for a workstation, and a PC or a Mac for a laptop.

Yeah, I can deal with this. :)
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I'm so excited for you! Congratulations! Already seems like it's going to be a great place for you... I can't imagine what it's like when you have a choice of workstations AND you get a laptop. Cripes. For me, it's like pulling teeth just to get a workstation that multitask. Ha ha.

Did you reply "G5, MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!"?

That'd be a quick test of how cool a workplace you're about to enter. 8)
Tell him you want a Sun Blade 2500 - it is still considered a desktop :)

Which AOl site will you be at. The group I am in at Sun does the tech support for AOL.

*faints!* how incredibly awesome!

Are you picking the Sun for your workstation?? :)

*Kat thinks AOL might not be such an evil ISP, after all* ;)
*reads this and the proceeding post* AOL come through? ^^;; Or was it something else?
Obvious choice
Well, obviously a Sun for the desktop and a Mac for the laptop. Nice native real UNIX!