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Oh dear.

It seems that Fox has someone who is aware of the internet working in their marketing group.

Their new slogan for Sunday night's lineup is:

"LOL Sunday!"

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Reminds me of when IBM introduced its Aptiva line of personal computers about 10 years ago. The marketing materials (including the product website) were all IBM trying to be Hip and Connect with the Young People.

"Aptiva is totally stoked with truly phat software, and radical to book - so who lives better than U?"

It was painful and embarrassing. Like watching your grandfather try to breakdance - you feel mortified for him and you're afraid he'll hurt himself.
That probably just means it's sponsored by Land O Lakes butter. :)
On another note, when I saw the word "agape" in this entry, I first thought of
agape: n. unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another
and it took a fair amount of time for it to occur to me that you might have meant
agape: adj. gazing in openmouthed surprise or wonder.