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Oh yeah, for stitchery people out there...

If you have any images that you'd like converted to a cross-stitch pattern, please feel free to send it my way. I can generate one for you, in pattern sizes up to 999x999 stitches, and up to 200 colors per pattern. I can generate floss lists and usage, add text, etc. I will print the pattern for you (color or black and white) and mail it to you.

Doing my bit for the community. Or something. :)
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Can't print to a PDF output/Distiller? Save on the printing fun and keep the colors intact?
oooohhhhh *drool* *thinks*

I'll probably get back to you if you really don't mind doing this for people?

-the redhead-
Whoah!! I'll have to think hard on this. I saw that software at a craft store, but it was expensive, so I decided not to give it a try. But, now... so tempting! I'll have to find something I want to cross stitch.
I'm resisting the urge to ask for one of the Marathon logo solely because I suck at cross-stitch and don't have the eyesight. (but it would look really badass on black cloth.)
Will you marry me?

Actually, I might ship one your way because I don't have the patience to do this stuff...
sugarplumkitty's hubby and friend both work with computers, are both artists, and I believe there might be a possible connection there.
I find people like you amazing, btw - seriously. I am so not crafty..well, not in an artistic way, anyway =)
*grin* I don't have any right now, but I will certainly keep you in mind....:)
...add me to the list. And craft night sounds fun, btw.

I'm presently seeking, of all things, very small pixelated images, like 35x35, of circus animals and/or circus motifs, with intent to use for a filet crochet project.