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Recent photos.

Since I've been horrible about updating, how about just some of the pictures I've taken lately?

  • My last day at RCN coincided with my interview at AOL, and so I came to work in my interview costume, which Nyarla was kind enough to capture on film.
  • Later that day, utterlyjaded called me and directed me to go and take pictures of the sunset.
  • The next day, Vger and I went to Skyline Drive and Luray Caverns.
  • That costume would look a lot better if you were standing in front of an L&L's...

    *runs away*
    You look so cute in that ninja shirt! [where's that character from?] Love your hair too! Toad and I went to Luray Caverns and back on Skyline drive a month or so ago -- he hadnt been since he was a little kid. I thought it was wonderful adventure. You guys got really great pictures of the places! *whuggles*
    Hee hee. The ninja is from Little Gamers. The Japanese under the ninja says "seiei" which means "elite"! Don't you think the ninja looks like a Lego minifig? :)

    Glad you like the pictures. And, if you come to VA one more time and don't come see me, I'm going to burst into tears!

    Meri in a suit! I'm blind!

    Tho congrats on there being less of you :)
    Thanks for sharing the pictures, particularly the one of you =) Now I have a face to go with the name!