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Things to do with my respite from employment.

  • Put new copy of resume up on my web site.
  • File for unemployment. *wince*
  • Figure out what I'm going to do about health insurance. (COBRA premium is $428 per month!)
  • Search for a job. (Duh.)
  • Make sure cell phone gets transferred to my name.
  • Work on volunteer web sites.
  • Rerip CD collection.
  • Finish unpacking.
  • Hang all the artwork I have framed and ready to go on walls.
  • Work on movie, book, music, and recipe databases for my web site.
  • Set up home linux box.
  • Set up home gaming / graphics PC.
  • Reinstall laptop.
  • Hook up stereo / receiver.
  • Replace my social security card.
  • Replace my birth certificate.
  • Clean!
  • Work on cross-stitch.
  • Beady things.
  • Go visit the miniature horses.
  • Investigate yoga classes.
  • Take lots of pictures.
  • Go see museums and whatnot in DC.

    I'm sure there are more things, but I just wanted to have this enumerated somewhere for when I go, "Bored. What should I do?"
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    If you look around at the health care providers in the area, you can generally get away with a decent HMO for about $140 or so a month.

    Sorry to hear about the unemployment, sounds like RCN still isn't doing that great seeing as they keep laying people off still. Its a miracle that facility is still in operation, I mean its got what, 4 people in there now. :)
    EAC (Exact Audio Catalyst) + LAME, using a variable bitrate setting. I had ripped my entire collection using Audiocatalyst, and even I (an admitted... not audiophile) can hear the difference. It's neat! Let me know if you want to know the settings I use. They're currently on the computer that I need to reassemble, but I desperately need to get it put together, so hopefully, I should have access to that info soon.

    We need to catch up! I haven't talked to you in eons, and I'm a horrible flake about not going and reading journals that don't show up on my friends list. :)
    Given that I have N spiders and earrings now, I was thinking of making those display pages more compact, so I can fit more photos into a smaller area. Kind of like having a contact sheet with just the product names and prices, and then when you click you get the more lengthy description. Is that a hard change? I'm guessing no, but what do I know. :-)

    *whuggles* thanks!
    Should be doable. I'm swamped today, trying to get ready for craft night here. Remind me sometime next week?
    I didn't know you do beady things!

    There is a bead museum here in DC about 1 or 2 blocks up from the Archives/Navy Memorial Metro. It's small, but interesting. Let me know if you ever want to go bead shopping!
    I didn't know you do beady things!

    Indeed! I adore beady things. :)

    There is a bead museum here in DC about 1 or 2 blocks up from the Archives/Navy Memorial Metro. It's small, but interesting. Let me know if you ever want to go bead shopping!

    *twitch* I'm definitely interested, though perhaps I should take the tried and true approach of "only bring cash, leave the credit cards at home." Poor impulse control + unemployed == dangerous.
    Give me a week, and I'll be right there with you. Wanna go crawl the museums together?
    Sure. I was thinking of asking Torque, too, since he's another RCN victim. :)

    Where are you living these days?
    regarding health insurance...

    there's a company called fortis that does short term emergency medical coverage which is what I've had while I've been unemployed. Basically it's like $200- for 6 months and if anything really dreadful happens (more than $1000 or $2000 worth - depending on your plan) they cover it, less than that and you're on your own.
    my "to do list" always helped me when i was unemployed.

    $428 sounds expensive for cobra. eesh!
    my "to do list" always helped me when i was unemployed.

    Indeed. I keep adding to it. Haven't done much to cross things off of it yet, though. :)

    $428 sounds expensive for cobra. eesh!

    Indeed. Stupid insurance. Still not king.
    don't beat yourself up about not getting to your list. it will come in time. it IS nice to just decompress for awhile, too.

    i STILL have things on my to-do list, and i've just gotten a new job, so some of it will have to wait.
    yoga! :)

    as a part of a multi-day training i went to, one of the presenters offered an informal yoga class one evening, for fun :)

    this was my first experience, and i found that i loved it! since then, i've longed to go to classes, but my shyness has been winning.

    last tuesday, i had to go vote, which was at the armory -- now the city's rec center -- and on my way out, i happened to glance at the offerings. they have a yoga class that meets tuesday evening, and... well... i believe i was meant to see that, and am working up the courage to find out about it! it's very much within walking distance of my apartment, which i value!

    great list, although i do find it difficult to picture you bored :)