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It's been a long and interesting road.

In late January of 1997, I gave my notice at a company by the name of GST Internet, and moved cross-country to start a new life, with a new job at a regional ISP by the name of Erol's Internet. I was supposed to start on February 17th, but circumstances (we'd been hacked) required that I start a few days early, so my first day on the job was Friday, February 14th.

In the last six and a half years, I've worn a number of hats here. First, I was in the networking group, where I patently didn't belong, learning the routing ropes as I went. I spent a year there, doing odds and ends, responsible for customer turnups and site turnups. And coming up with such wacky things as the systems status page, and not letting staff people yell at customers in the internal newsgroups. Then, I moved into the mail department, where - again - I patently didn't belong, as half of the all-female mail team. That was an interesting year and a half, migrating from our cobbled-together sendmail/qpopper system to InterMail. (Note: Here's a hint. Do not try to quit smoking while doing a mail migration.) I quickly - very quickly - burned out on the whole mail thing (at one point, my boss forced me to take a week off because I'd been working something like 72 days straight), and fell into where I really belonged, doing technical project management and documentation.

I did that job for four years (it's still part of my job), and I did a damned good job of it. My projects included things like Y2K certifying everything in internet systems and migrating all 7 RCN ISPs into a single system. I excelled at this, but sadly, there are only so many projects to be done. In January of this year, our lead mail admin had to leave the country, and I got shunted back into mail, where I quickly became miserable, again. I admit that I wasn't the greatest choice for the job, but I did do what I could.

And now, six and a half years after starting this job, it's time for me to go. I was informed at noon that I am being laid off on Friday. I don't know where I'm going from here, but in many ways, it's a relief to be out from under the uncertainty umbrella. Ok, so maybe I'm trading it in for another umbrella, but it's a whole new kind of uncertainty, and there's a lot to be said for leaving this environment, which hasn't been healthy for me in quite some time.

So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed, and if anyone has any job leads to throw my way, I certainly wouldn't mind. :) (I'll be posting a link to the updated version of my resume shortly.)

Thanks to everyone who's put up with me going through the stress of all of this. And hey, lyadann, maybe this means I can drive down and visit you when you're in this state next week!

In the meantime, anyone want to come help me pack up my office? Dear lord.

(And for those of you who know me well, and are marveling at my calm demeanor... Don't worry. I'm sure I'll completely fall apart shortly.)
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good luck
Best of luck to you. Hopefully you'll be able to regain your sanity, and shortly thereafter a job that is more rewarding for you. There are certainly a lot of people in that general uncertain area, so at least there is a lot of empathy and support potential.

You might find that Friday is a very liberating day.
*warm hugs*

I'm sorry that you got laid off, luv but hopefully now that things are getting a little better (Even though they are still uncertain), your chances for finding something new are good.

Much support to ya.
*hugs* Good luck with everything.

* profesor crosses his fingers about meri's AOL interview.
*Kat hugs you gently*

Thanks to everyone who's put up with me going through the stress of all of this.

Meri! Nothing to put up with! Please feel completely welcome to call me at the hotel today/tonight if you need a friend to listen!

Much love!
Signed, one of a gazillion people who care about you!
::hugshugs:: Extra good luck with your upcoming interviews, and if you're up for it, we'll definitely have to get together next week!
Sounds like a good thing for you.
Good luck finding another job.
Having recently thought quite hard about all this, I conclude that if one has the chance to take a sabbatical and go travelling, one should do so. Come to England :)
Wow - didn't realize how long you'd been there.

*hug* New beginnings can be intimidating sometimes, but are often a good thing - and, once you're into them, much less scary than they seemed at first. :-)
Good luck with finding a new job; at least the industry appears to be heading towards a recovery right now.
Hey Meri. You may have been handed the uncertainty umbrella for now, but soon the idea rhinocerous will trample you into the veldt of inspiration, and you will find yourself once again trotting down Personal Growth Rd. towards the shining orb of stuff-to-do- that-you're-not-sick-of. I wish you luck. I mean, I wish you a luck frankfurter.
If I toss some skittles at ya, would that make you giggle?


Try to keep your chin up. No matter how bad things get, things ALWAYS get better. Best of luck for the upcoming interview!!
Laid off means at least some severance, right? This is a lot better way to get out of the job than quitting (no severance) or being fired (severance dicey, and you have to admit to it on your resume). Congratulations on getting out the best way I can think of to get out.

Good luck in finding a new job, and if you need someone to call and talk to, feel free.
I'm sorry to hear you got laid off. Linda was laid off recently too. She felt more liberated than punished after the initial shock wore off.

I hope they're giving you a decent severance package, and I'll keep my eye out here for opportunities (except that I live in California, which is kinda far...)

*hugs* and good wishes... just remember that on the AOL interview, the right answer is not always "me too!" :-)

So... you gonna move to MA yet?
It kind of comes as a shock doesn't it... I know I was shocked and angry and upset and it lasted about 2 hours and then I was overcome by a terrific feeling of happiness. I had been released from the hell hole that was my job and since it was their fault, I qualified for unemployment and I could go and happily collect, indeed I make it a rule to reflect on how nice it is to not be working for them everytime I call in my claim...

Speaking of which, considering the job to which I refer above, was my stint working for the State taking unemployment claims for other people, I am a bit of an expert on the way it works (and more importantly can translate legal unemployment law info into English)... so if at any point you have any questions about that process feel free to drop me a line.

It's all I have to offer! Goodluck!