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Today's silliness.

Poor poor Vger ended up leaving at 2AM today, so he could go to a customer site in B'more. That left me with the day free, as opposed to out driving Skyline Drive like we were going to be doing. So, this morning, I went and ran errands, including getting my car washed. Then, I came home, and discovered that moyet was plotting girliness, and decided to participate, getting a manicure and a pedicure. Unfortunately, the relaxing nature of this expedition was disrupted by multiple calls from the NCC while I was busy being pampered. Once the girliness was finished, I came home to work on the mail servers, while chichi and utterlyjaded went to get food.

Now, I have showered and am in comfy clothes. I have decided that newly-painted nails is an excellent excuse to not work on any more unpacking or cleaning, other than some laundry. The soup that I threw into the crockpot before going out for girliness should be done around 9. chichi is on her way over to study and hang out here while I work on cross-stitch, then she shall eat soup with me when it's ready.

All in all, a good day. Tomorrow, I think a bunch of us are going to go to a library book sale (because, you know, I need more books). And there will probably be more soup consumed.

But now, I go assemble my scroll frame for the cross-stitch. Aloha!

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