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Photo updates.

I've been going through my laptop and finally putting up a bunch of pictures that have been languishing there. Here are some of the new things that have made their way up:

Sadly, I seem to have lost all my pictures from my trip up to MA in March for gizmoek's birthday pissup. Hrmph.

Many more pictures to go, but I'm losing the industrious edge.
Nice pics, Meri. But did you HAVE to show us a shirtless DSR? I gotta WORK with this guy....
Yay! Pictures!! I love looking at your gallery! I got a kick out of the one of you in front of your mom's sushi place. Boy, that was a loooong time ago. Also enjoyed Meri emulating the graduating Hawaiian. Tee hee!
*giggle* Yeah. Man. Across the street from the Taco Bell!

Wow. So long ago.

And yes, the emulating the graduate was exactly the look we were going for. :)