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Gah. Yesterday was... goodness.

Got up, futzed around the apartment for a bit, and then abandoned u-steve here while I took bouncingleaf to the Vienna metro station so she could go meet up with a friend. Then, drove back to Centreville and gathered delenn1122 and usagijer and we went to Grand Mart to shop for groceries. I got fussed over for being much skinnier than the last time that they saw me, though I don't think I really lost much more than another 5-10 pounds since I last saw them. delenn1122 adored Grand Mart, particularly the produce section, where she found persimmons for something significantly less than you can get them in Massachusetts, as well as pomegranates for much the same deal. Also, she found a jackfruit, which apparently she just Can't Find in Massachusetts, so she was quite the happy shopper. I bought a ton of vegetables, and three bottle of Choya, and assorted other things, including a bottle of Whale Sperm hair conditioner for Torque (don't ask me, man), and then we continued on the venture.

Next stop was the ABC store. For those who live in civilized societies, here in Virginia, there are separate state-run stores where you have to go if you want to buy hard liquor. They are only allowed to sell hard liquor and hard liquor accoutrements (like mixers, etc). There, delenn1122, usagijer, and I roamed the aisles, and piled a bunch of liquor into the baby carts that they have, and trundled the loot back out to the car.

Final stop was the grocery store, where we overfilled a shopping cart full of ingredients and soda and beer and cider and ice and and and and. We had the surliest cashier ever, and he was nonplussed at the overflowing shopping cart, but we finally managed make good our escape and somehow stuffed everything into the car, and made our way home.

Once home, we unloaded the car, with assistance from the ever-helpful u-steve. (There are times that living on the second floor, with no elevator, really sucks. Like, when you're unloading an entire carful of groceries.) While delenn1122 handled booze storage (oh dear god, did we buy a lot of booze), I went and raced down to the leasing office to give them the burner element that I destroyed on my stove (note: do not put plastic bag down on stove element that was recently on) and to pick up the package that phil_ji sent. Thank you so much, phil_ji! Everything is terrific! I have a very small present to send back to you, but I just wanted you to know that the package really made my day.

Around this time, Vger arrived, and we went to work cooking and prepping. The next few hours are a blur, and I know that I never ever would have made it without the help of my friends, who are wonderful people. Somewhere in here, u-steve went to go fetch bouncingleaf at the Metro station, and Vger went to go fetch chichi at her house, and food was made, and I didn't die, and I didn't even throw a complete fit. (Well, not then, at least.)

The party was, I think, a success. My helpers and I provided shoyu chicken, kalua pork, veggie stir fry, veggie curry, white rice, veggie lasagna, haupia, brownies, pineapple turnovers, 2 pasta salads, a fruit salad, ZIppy's Maui Caramac Cheesecake and assorted chips and whatnot. utterlyjaded brought hanov3r and a veggie-safe and an omniovorian version of her awesome noodle salad. Nyarla and huey showed up, laden with spam musubi, inari, and some deadly white chocolate brownies. And, Nyarla made enough leis for everyone. The girl is insane.

The total party count ended up being: chichi, sitz, bouncingleaf, u-steve, delenn1122, usagijer, utterlyjaded, hanov3r, huey, Nyarla, kmhoofnagle and hubby and baby, moyet, Torque, Vger, and, of course, me. We all fit into the living room with little trouble, and my magic expanding coffee table worked the way it was supposed to, and everyone ate a lot, and laughed a lot, and drank a lot. :) And, my friends are wonderful people, and left me with a mostly cleaned house when they left.

chichi was a goddess this morning, and picked up usagijer and delenn1122 at their hotel and took them to the airport. (And hanov3r and utterlyjaded were awesome last night and took the two back to their hotel from my place.) u-steve and bouncingleaf departed here around 11:30 this morning, for the drive back up to MA. Vger and I are not having any luck with this whole waking up thing, though I have managed to shower and get dressed. My brain is telling me it wants pancakes, but I have no pancake things here, so perhaps I can convince Vger that we should go to Silver Diner for breakfast. My brain is also informing me that, if it cannot have pancakes, the Maui caramel macadamia nut cheesecake that's in the fridge will do just fine, thankyouverymuch. But, I'd like to avoid that. :)

Tonight, Vger and I are going up to Baltimore to see Dave Attell and Lewis Black in concert. Should be a good evening. And perhaps I'll get to see Sam (Vger's cat), who I haven't seen in far too long, and miss terribly.

But now, I'm going to go work on some strategic lazing. Hope everyone is having a terrific weekend.


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