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Hmmm. Decisions, decisions.

A friend is having a Halloween party where the theme is to come "dressed as your own worst nightmare."

I'm waffling between trying to dress up as my mother or as the RCN starman.

Decisions, decisions.
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briefly I thought, "qedrakmar looks like the rcn starman, when he isnt wearing pants??"
I was the RCN star man at a company Christmas party once. Pictures were taken, though I don't have a copy on hand.
One year I went to a friend's Halloween party dressed as a bad mood...
I took an old bedsheet, ripped holes in it, and dyed it a splotchy black. Then I draped myself in it, painted big black circles around my eyes (I had holes torn out for my eyes, nose, and mouth). When I got to the party I crouched in a corner and snarled at people. (This was a very good friend.) I remember that a few of the people at this party didn't know me and thought someone should come and get me, but most of them did and got it =)