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Menu for the housewarming party.

[Edit: Now includes descriptions of stranger things.]

ahi poke: Basically a Hawaiian sashimi salad made with tuna steaks.
beverages: soda, beer, choya, cider (strongbow!), margaritas
chips / dip
death brownies: Brownies involving very good dark chocolate and superfatted butter.
fruit salad
haupia: Think coconut jello.
hummus / pita
inari: You know the brown sweet tofu wrapped sushi things? Those.
kalua pork: A salted pork dish from Hawaii.
long rice: Bean thread noodles in stock, with veggies.
maui caramac cheesecake: Caramel macadamia nut cheesecake.
noodle salad: It's an utterlyjaded
pasta salad
potato salad
samosas: Indian pea and potato puffs.
shoyu chicken: Chicken cooked in shoyu, ginger, sugar, and water.
spam musubi: Spam on rice, basically.
veggie curry
veggie plate
veggie stirfry
white rice

I am not sure if I'm going to have enough food.
You will have plenty of food. People are going to the party to see you and celebrate your new place, not eat food. We all love Meri.
Please don't fret.

Wow. I don't even know what some of those things are!
have a good party :)
OK, so, I assume that "ahi poke" is pronounced "AH-hee POE-kay", but still.

("shoyu chicken" is phonetically pleasing too. and I'm not sure I want to know what "spam musubi" is.)
The scary thing is...
That I know what everything but noodle salad is. I blame this on research for your birthday party.