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Sometimes, my silly ideas work out for the best.

utterlyjaded came over tonight to prod me to unpack, and hanov3r joined us later. Somewhere in there, I hurt my left wrist, badly, so the whole unpacking thing stopped happening. Then, I started feeling the onset of a panic attack. Then, I got very very tired. But, before the last two things happened, huey and Nyarla departed to come over here.

I reached a point where I couldn't remain upright and social any more, so I left the apartment in the capable hands of utterlyjaded and hanov3r, just as huey and Nyarla showed up. I explained things, they understood. They're in the living room having food, and I'm in bed, getting ready to pass out.

The silly idea that's working out well now? When I moved, I gave a number of people keys, including three of the four people in my living room right now. So, someone will lock up when they leave.


I'm going to go pass out now.
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