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A different alphabet meme, this one much more interesting, IMHO.

Allergies: Some sort of pollen that doesn't exist in Hawaii but does exist in the Northern Virginia area. It took me three or four years of getting the same cold at the same time of year before dvorak informed me that I had allergies. "Oh. Huh." Also, cardamom makes my tongue swell.

Body Modifications: Hrm. I have 5 piercings, all in my ears. I had a belly button piercing years ago, but it's long healed over. Three tattoos, one over each ankle, one on my neck.

Cats or Dogs?: Cats. Present cat notwithstanding. (She's insane, I tell you.) I desperately want to get a French Bulldog, but I won't.

Drink(s), Favorite: Water, green tea with honey, actually - most teas, Choya plum wine, ginger ale, British cider...

Exercise?: Walking, sex, cycling, hiking, swimming.

Foreign Languages Spoken: Ever? I used to be fluent in Japanese, and a took a year of Arabic when I lived in Kuwait.

Glasses, Contacts, or Nothing?: Depends. Mostly glasses. Contacts sometimes.

Hair Color: Naturally, dark brown. Currently, red.

I've Never (and wanted to): Hmmm. Hmmmm. Let me come back to this.

Jealous Of: Oh dear god. Yes. People with self-confidence. People who can participate in athletic activities without hurting or making a fool fo themselves. People who know how to interact with other people. People who don't have ot work for a living, or have found a way to do what they love and make a living at it.

Kind Deed, Most Recent: Um. Hrm. I helped a lady at the grocery store who couldn't pick up the case of lemonade bottles she was trying to put in her cart?

Libido, General Level: Yes. No, really. It changes a lot, depending on any number of factors.

Music, Favorite: Hmmm. If I list a bunch of favorite artists, does that count? Toad the Wet Sprocket, The Mission UK, Suede, Evanescence, Rush, Dido, Voltaire, Vangelis, Robert Miles...

Night or Morning Person?: Night. Despite recent activity.

Object(s) I'm Thinking of Buying: I'm still in the midst of going, "Huh! I don't have a <foo> anymore!" from the move. I'd like a bigger TV, and have almost justified it to myself with the fact that I have weekly movie nights at my place. But really? Nothing much. Kitchen things. Pots and pans. Stuff like that.

Paranormal Experience(s): Lots of interesting deja vu, specific ability to connect with certain people, other things that I can't quantify right now.

Question(s) I Want Answered: Why? How do I get off this rock? So, is the glass half-empty or half-full?

Romantic Evenings Include: Laughing, snuggling, oceans, fires, stars, wind, rain...

Skills I Wished I Possessed: See the jealousy thing. And, the ability to learn technical things quickly.

TV Shows: The West Wing, CSI, Everybody Loves Raymond, Whose Line is it Anyway, Coupling (the BBC version, thankyouverymuch), The Daily Show.

Unrequited Love: At the moment? No. Ever? Goodness, yes.

Vacation(s), Most Memorable: Weekend trip to DC with dvorak the first year I was up here, the month-long stay in my mom's hometown when we moved from Kuwait to Japan, the last trip to Massachusetts, where kazmat threw me a surprise birthday party.

World Wide Web, First Year Used: Uh. 1991? 1992?

X-Rated X-periences Performed in Public: Define 'public'. Does "in an enclosed car parked in a public place" count? If so... the list is not short. If not... beaches? Parks? Oh goodness.

Yesterday, I: Spent much of the day being very very cranky. Napped. Went to Borders and Amphora with Vger, chichi, and sitz.

Zero Interest In: Finding another job as an email system administrator. Baseball. Organized religion. Politics.

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