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It's the weekend, right?

Ok, looks like the mail server is finally on its way to recovery. That was sure how I wanted to spend the first four hours of my Saturday morning.

I need to get a bunch of cleaning and unpacking done. Vger's going to be coming over later, after he fixes the car. Oh, did I not mention the car? Last night, he left Baltimore to go home, and the battery was unhappy. Turns out that the replacement alternator that I bought for his car in June (when it died on me) had died on him. So, he was trying to get home on the remaining battery life. We played phone and web tag for a bit and found a place on his route home where he could buy a new battery, and he managed to get home safely, saving me from having to drive up to Baltimore to rescue him.

This morning, I called the place where I bought the alternator, and thanks to the joys of lifetime guarantees, Vger can get the alternator replaced for free, and at a branch of the store closer to him, as opposed to the one where I bought it. Excellent!

I am incredibly sleepy, and grumpy, and I don't want to do anything, but I need to clean and unpack, since my party is next week.
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