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Life, as we know it.

Yes, I'm still alive, though my body has been doing its best to convince me otherwise.

Let's see... what have I been up to? Last weekend, Vger and I made some progress on the apartment, including assembling my dining table and the rest of the chairs and the other bookshelf. And, we hung the coatrack thingie, which really took much more effort than you would imagine.

Sunday night, Vger had to rush off to Baltimore from dinner, since a client went blooey. I don't really remember Monday. Tuesday, utterlyjaded and hanov3r came over for dinner. Wednesday, I started feeling unwell, but decided to continue with my plans to hold my inaugural movie night, since I'd only been saying I was going to do this for 6 months or so, and damnit, I was going to have it.

Movie night was a success, by my metrics. Vger showed up in the afternoon so as to avoid the traffic from his place (45 miles, all on 95, 495, or 66). Torque showed up early as well, as he was in the area for an interview, so he and Vger started watching Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter while I started dinner. Other people started showing up, and joined in watching the movie. Over the course of the evening, we had a total of 10 people here (chichi (who showed up after her study group), hanov3r, huey, me, moyet, Nyarla, sitz, Torque, utterlyjaded, and Vger), which stretched the maximum capacity for my living room. Or at least, for my living room and having people able to see the TV capacity.

Dinner was veggie stirfry, with chicken pan-fried on the side, over rice. And banana splits. Not served together. The movie (the real movie, not the one provided by Torque) was Split Second, the 1992 sci-fi thriller starring everybody's favorite leading man, Rutger Hauer. My friends, being wonderful people, did not lynch me for showing them this movie, and got into the proper spirit of the movie. ("Bigger fucking guns!")

I spent pretty much all of yesterday in bed, deathly ill. Stomach upheavals, temperature issues, complete exhaustion. That persisted into today, and I've only in the last hour or so started feeling human again. I am also moderately pleased with the outcome of using the little steam vac thingie that I got to tackle the couch cushion that packet peed on mere moments before movie night started. Hrmph. Stupid cat.

Oh! Speaking of the beastie: The package from SoftPaws came in. packet is dooooomed! Bwahahaha.
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Split Second
I must concur. "Split Second" is indeed a phenomenal movie, regardless of what anyone else says. :-)

["No! That's an assault combat shotgun, fully automatic. Fires 600 rounds a minute. Hang on, what do you need two for?!?!"]
I'm glad movie night went so well :)

Have I told you that you're wonderful? :) *Kat smiles warmly*

You'll make it through the rest. I'm confident of that! HUGS!
Split second!
Yay, one of my favourite films.
The lead character -is- a sysadmin, really. Just happens to be working as a policeman at the moment.