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The stupid tedious task is done!

1.234G of gzipped logs is... a lotta logs.

But, I'm done! Done, I say!



I should finish cooking dinner.
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Task done! YaY! Dinner! YaY! Meri! YaY! (Ok, kitty, settle down! You obviously have too much excitement in your life!) *Kat winks*

(Excitement! YaY!!)
Ok, so, dinner didn't actually happen, because dear god, that seemed like a lot of effort. But, the stupid task is done, at least!
Heh. We got email on the internal mailing list: "There's a huge ftp in process. Customer data. Our link to the net will be slow for a while."
Got a whole lotta logs! *nyeeeeearh*
Got a whole lotta logs! *nyeeeeearh*