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Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2003 10:39:51 AM
Subject: Thank You

Thank you, Mary J. Alderdice, for your purchase!

Your day is coming, packet!
But I imagine the kitty will need sedation or you impenitrable gauntlets to get the things on...
Nevertheless, what a frickin' cool idea!
Good point!
Which is why some people have that done @ the vet's.

I always liked chickenhat's comments that his cats' weapons were peacebonded...
I need some of these!
one of my cats has like, 7 fingers on each hand though. I wonder if they make special sets with extra caps?
Oh, duh, there's supposed to be a <packet> at the front of that line, but of course the html interpreter swallowed it. Foolish me.
ye gods, they make them for dogs, too. what an amazingly cruel thing to do to a dog.

"I'm trying to scratch this itch on my neck... but... IT'S... NOT... WORKING!"
Our cats felt compelled to try to dig under closet doors... perhaps one day someone will invent cat-resistant carpeting :)