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Pardon me?

Have you seen my sleep schedule? Been up since 5:30, after getting to sleep around 1. I blame the fact that I had to get up at 5:30 yesterday so that Vger could make it to Nazrat's place in time to get up to B'more for their big day, but still.

I ... I'm not turning into a morning person, am I?
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Only if you let yourself turn into one! LOL

I hear you though, my sleep schedule is all out of whack with all the traveling I've done. My body's probably still confused and trying to figure out where it is and what time zone it's at! LOL
I firmly avow that I will never be a morning person ... even though I get up at 5am 4 days a week for work ... and of course there is this baby that believes 7am on any other day is late.

Although I must say the sunrise this morning was awesome!

Yanno, I'm NOT a morning person...but boy I sure do get up early in the morning. Bleah.
Sorry, must be my fault for getting you guys up during vacation. Have you been eating too? Also my fault. I'm a horrible influence!
This sounds like you may actually be getting a sleep schedule. Last I checked, you didn't have one. Let it settle out, and then try adjusting it.
The best thing about being a night person, is that you can drive into work, turn off the lights in the server room, and "ooh" over all the pretty lights :)

OMG, the adolescence of p1.

sorry! *Kat provides stack traceback!* computer room -> college mainframe at night -> S/360 -> book!