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Home again, home again.

I'm never really sure how these things work out. I mean, I really hadn't intended on being gone for 8 hours when I left to go pick up Nyarla this afternoon, but it always seems to work out that way. I dunno. Maybe there's some little time warp we set off when we're together. That might explain a few things.


I picked up Nyarla around 2:45, in the midst of a neat thunderstorm that completely opened the skies. Zeus does not seem to get warm fuzzies from thunderstorms, making him a puppy after my own heart, though I no longer try to dive under my desk every time I hear thunder. We set off to tackle comic book stores. First, we stopped at Big Planet in Vienna, where I picked up the form to set up a box for subscriptions. (I also got my keys stuck on my jeans in weird ways, but that's a whole 'nother story.) Then we started our trek up to Bethesda, stopping on the way to take pictures of the hula hoop crosswalk signs. Once there, I did what I always do in comic book stores (gathered a huge pile of comics, that is). Then we meandered our way into DC, once again missing the turn we wanted to make, but getting to Cairo liquors without much trouble. I found and awesome parking space (which I had also done at both Big Planets, though I admit it's not hard to do at the Vienna store), and we went and cleaned them out of Strongbow... again. I love driving around the Dupont Circle area. Great houses, interesting people, and so many dogs. Much fun!

Somewhere between Bethesda and DC, we had decided to go to Potomac Mills, or, more accurately, Sanrio and Ikea. This was a dangerous idea, as both places tend to cause me to spend lots of money (this is not anything that is my own fault, mind you; I am compelled). We fought our way down the crappy 95S traffic and got to the Sanrio store without any difficulty. Man. I had forgotten how crowded Potomac Mills gets on the weekend. Yeeg. Somehow, we both escaped the Sanrio store having spent a minimum of money. ($13, in my case. I have a cute little purse to show for it.) Then we went to Claire's to look for earrings and whatnot, and, as always, I became amazed at the sheer raveriness of the store. Fairly scary.

And finally, we went to the giant Ikea. Nyarla hadn't been there yet, and was duly impressed by everything. I found the bookshelf that I wanted (I have been wanting to replace the 24"-wide, 36"-tall bookshelf with a taller bookshelf of the same width. This is not an easy thing to find. Ikea, of course, had them, which is why this whole trip was required.) They had the shelf for $40, but only in the crappy colors, or $80 in nicer colors. We made note of where in the self-serve furniture area to find it. I was prepared to spend the $80, because I really really didn't want a white bookshelf, but when we got to the pickup area, we discovered that dark gray is also a crappy color, it seems, and that was good enough for me. Yay, cheap! I escaped Ikea having spent a grand total of $52. Wow.

Then dropping off of the Nyarla, and home. I am very very tired, but my brain really really wants to unload the old bookshelf, move it out of the way, build the new one, put it in place, move all the comics over to the new shelf, find places for the old stuff, and fine a home for the old bookshelf. I think, however, that my brain is just going to have to learn to live with disappointment.

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